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Rare Herbs

1. Funky Birthday
2. Set Me Free
3. Rare Herbs
4. D.T. Disco
5. Fedreno
6. Freaky
7. Butterflies Grooving
8. Julie D.
9. Jive Turkey
10. We Really Need It Today
11. Stay Away Tomorrow
12. Baby When You Dance
13. Tell Me
14. Mayflowers
Originally by Uptown Rulers D.T. Records this released in May 2005 on the
"Funky Delicacies" label. This collection contains
a large number of our orignal productions. With corrected
credits this CD will have you rocking with our orignal sounds
that are uniquely New Orleans music.
Bobby Love shows the true nature of his many musical talents
with performances on the clavinet, electric piano, flute, lead gutiar,
perccusions, bongos, organ, bass gutiar & vocals. Accompanied
by the finest musicians of New Orleans his arrangements and conducting skills
shine thier brightest.